Artemis Sorras : ADELPHIA POLEMISTES, The anth-Ellines KTHNH just stepped on a “Land Mine removed their foot and it exploded in their face – see below what they have unleashed – if we take full advantage of it ]


12Artemis Sorras
What this means [ the High Court Decision Below ] is as follows;

The anth-Ellines KTHNH just stepped on a “Land Mine removed their foot and it exploded in their face – see below what they have unleashed – if we take full advantage of it ].

1. The funds owing to the Tax Department by Mr. Artemis Sorras – WHAT & How we can do & take advantage of the Tax Debt of Mr. Sorras is this :
a. We need / can spread “this wonderful news” throughout all of the centres – all 950 – 1050 – of the KAPODISTRIAKI EPIKRATEIA – the news / facts – that “Mr. Artemis Sorras” owes this money to the tax dept [ all EUR 28. 7 billion + accrued interest ] and the Ellines who are “owed money from the Tax Department “seize pro-rata” amounts from Mr. Sorras – which we will evidence and confirm by means of “pro-rata” seizure certificates “from Mr. Sorras / SYNELEUSIS ELLINON Tax Department;
Some of the interesting events that will occur – immediately – all positive for Mother Ellas, Ellines & Ellinismos – are as follows : [ and I know you can & will come up with numerous others ].
b. It will spread “like fire” that the “Tax Receipts” are “legal Tender” – and can be “exchanged” for goods – in all walks of life;
c. It will spread like fire – that the “Tax Levy” – has derived from the Shares of the Bank D’ Orient which are owned by Mr. Sorras / END National Debt..!
d. It will create “an immediate” parallel currency – and we can issue the “Bank D’ Orient Tax Debt Currency Certificate” in – Notes of 5-10-50-100-200-300-500-1000-10000-50000-100000 – and similar.
e. It will “envelope” – ALL the scum bag MME channels – blogosphere – and all alternative media – into a huge “news & mail storm” that will ensue.
f. It will “bring out” the US Treasury IBOE Obligation deposits, in favour of Mother Ellas, & a slew of other “interesting points” that have “recently” come out – like the Global Trust Funds – “which were fogotten in an account @ Bank of Greece since 1984..[ wink, wink, wink ]…!
g. It will “spring forward” – capapult – the further organization of the 5th SYNELEUSIS ELLINON – into the forefront throughout all our Ellas – since- “now Ellines have created “an immediate parallel currency – which is legal tender.
h. The above – will cause the scum bag – anth-ellines – bastard – sub human – monsters – KTHNH – “to – literally – run for the hills” – since – now the Adelphia Ellines have “another currency to deal with”.

[ To further assist this – we need to calculate – the Capital Funds “of the Debt owed together with the “accrued interest” – and establish the Bank d’ Orient Artemis Sorras Tax Payment Fund – since – the “confirmation of the Tax Office of the Debt owed by Mr. Sorras, is a fact – therefore – “the Alternative Tax Debt Currency Note issuance” – [ backed by the Court Decision ] – “unleashes” these “Tax Funds” to the Public – via this ingenious Tax Note issuance route which is supported by the Highest Court Decision.

[ The mainstream MMEs will go crazy…!
[ All the political – scum bag – anth-Ellines – sub human – monstres – will “never come down from the hills”.
[ Mother Ellas, Ellines, & Ellinismos, will “drown” these scum bags, “in their own Tax Currency Note paper backed by the Bank D’ Orient Shares”.
[ The SYNELEUSIS ENOMENON ELEUTHERON AUTOXTHONON ELLINON will catch fire – throughout Mother Ellas.
[ The issue will become “main conversation” overnight, “throughout Mother Ellas.
[ The anth-Ellines Scum Bag – KTHNH – bastards – “have just stepped on a land mine, [ not a time bomb ] – and it has EXPLODED in their face.

[ I know, you will come up with additional info-data-docs- to add to the “Basis & Guide of Redemption of the Artemis Sorras / END National Debt Tax Redemption Note Certificates based on the Bank D/ Orient Debt. [ And here – we can ADD – all other Shares we have – and “exponentianlly” increase “the deemed” Tax Debt Owed to the Tax Department – such that – the Artemis Sorras Bank D’ Orient Tax Obligation Redemption Fund grow to more than EUR 200 – 300 – 400 – 500 Billion – or more ].
[ To assist in the paper work – we will request the Adelphia Ellines to help support the system, by means of a nominal – small – amount – to assist with admini – paper – staffing – [ since this will be a 24/7 operation ] throughout Mother Ellas.

COUNTER-REDEPTION : The Tax Debt which is owed by Adelphia Ellines – What they can do is this : “Since – the Adelphia Ellines “have seized – part of the tax debt owed by Mr. Sorras to the Tax Department – [ it is an asset of the Tax Department ] they are now able “to sell” their Tax Note Certificate – which is owed to the Tax Department by Mr. Sorras – to the Adelphia Ellines “who owe the Tax Department” – [ at a discount even if need be ] – and the Adelphia Ellines who buy the “Tax Certificates of the Debt Owed to the Tax Department – can SELL – Exchange – Surrender – those Certificates – that “Tax Department Asset” – “back” to the Tax Department – TO CLEAR OUT THEIR OWN TAX DEBT….!!!!
THEREFORE : We have now completed “the complete – Full – 360 Degree “Recycle of the Artemis Sorras Tax Dept owed to the Tax Department, which has been confirmed by the Tax office in Patra, and has been “Re-Confirmed by the Highest Court, that Adelphia Ellines who are owed funds by the Tax Department can SEIZE funds – assets – which are due and owing to the Tax Department – AND – since the Debt Owed to the Tax Department is “evidenced” by the Pro Rata Notes issued by SYNELEUSIS AUTOXTHONON ELLINON BANKING, FINANCE & ECONOMIC TREASURY DEPARTMENT – [ given that the Tax Department – HAS REFUSED – to seize – take – exchange – one share of Bank D. Orient Share – with / from Mr. Sorras, retain “the tax owed” – and “give Mr. Sorrass the “change”.
As a result – Mr. Sorras & Co., supported by the SYNELEUSI ENOMENON ELEUTHERON AUTOXTHONON ELLINON & the Specialist Crack Team of Special Economic, Banking, & Finance Forces : “takes” this opportunity – CONFIRMED – by the Highest Court – and Hang / Decapitate / annihilate the anth-Ellines & the “LERNEA YDRA” Monster that they set up against Mother Ellas, Ellines, & Ellinismos.

ADELPHIIA ELLINES : Your comments please.

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